Neige Morte – 10 March 2014 – Experimental Black Metal from Lyon

Neige Morte - Experimental Black Metal from Lyon France @ MrMunchkin Streams 10 March 2014

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Neige Morte – 10 March 2014 – Experimental Black Metal from Lyon

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By far the reddest session so far.
1 Vocal, 1 guitar and a set of drums is all they need to bring their harsch, dark doom and gloom from Lyon to steamroll over everything you know was heavy.
A mixture of black metal, experimental noise, some jazz – loud and relentless!

Get ready to have your soul crushed as you watch the session they did at our studio!


Avant-garde black metal from France. Filthy yet intelligent.
France has been pushing some excellent black metal out of its orfices the last couple of years with Deathspell Omega and Blut Aus Nord as their most visible examples. Meet Neige Morte, these French guys play black metal infused with a hint of jazz delivered with the intensity of crust. It’s filthy yet intelligent, noisey but with focus, and experimental without getting nerdy.


Neige Morte
Neige Morte

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